About us

In order to meet the increasing demands of our society Minh An Construction Corporation always considers the supply of quality products and services to satisfy the customer’s maximum demand and continuously improves the position of Minh An Construction Corporation in the field of consultancy and construction.

In order to create more and more added value and improve accountability to the customers, Minh An Construction Corporation pays special attention to:

  • Staying up to date with technological innovations; studying the application of scientific and technical advances to the quality management and the construction of the works
  • Continuously thinking, improving the quality of work, raising the awareness of the technical staff as well as all employees of the Corporation.

Through the process of building and applying the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000, Minh An Construction Corporation will gradually reach its commitments in order to ensure the best services and benefits for the customers and partners:

  • Undertaking professional development for the strategic and operational engineering management.
  • Providing quality products and ensuring the requirements of fine art, meeting the customer’s expectations in the best way.
  • Overcoming obstacles and difficulties in order to carry out works in accordance with the schedule.
  • Ensuring labor safety in the construction works.